West Yorkshire Devolution Deal – YHACS calls for Community Engagement Strategy

YHACS has called for a Community Engagement Strategy as part of the proposed West Yorkshire Devolution Deal.

YHACS is seeking assurance that community groups, including civic societies, will be consulted by the new elected Mayor for West Yorkshire should the devolution deal be implemented.

Kevin Trickett MBE, Chair of YHACS, has today (17th July 2020) submitted comments on the proposed deal highlighting the need for a Community Engagement Strategy to be implemented as part of the deal.

Mr Trickett said “YHACS represents 40 civic and amenity societies within the Yorkshire and Humber region with 16 of our member societies being based in the West Yorkshire area. Having read through the proposed deal, we were surprised to see no concrete proposals for future engagement between any new elected Mayor and community organisations. The new Mayor will have sweeping powers over regeneration, housing, and transport, all subjects in which the community, and civic societies in particular, have a keen interest and it is important that arrangements are put in place for effective consultation between the Mayor and community groups.

“As drafted, the current deal proposal is rather light on arrangements for such consultation in the future and we are therefore seeking assurances that we will be given the opportunity to comment on any proposals that the new Mayor might wish to put forward on development and regeneration matters.”

The full text of the letter submitted in response to the consultation exercise can be found here.